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10th Aquarium TOJO


National Photo Contest 2016


The awards ceremony party was held in Okinawa.

Hisayuki Tojo and Tsubaki Tojo(She passed away on November 22, 2015) and…

the staff who believed us and followed….

The result, I kept making for 20 years became reality at last.


When I began an aquarium rental business,

“ Is there work of such contents? “


“ Do customers exist? “


I had the time full of doubts.


But the people watching a water tank said,

“ What a wonderful work there is! “


And a customer always introduced another one,

both the customers and the sales have increased.


TOJO can develop nationwide sometime soon.


I clearly had my visions of what TOJO should be.


However, not only the same trade, but also my employees made a fool of me behind my back.

“It’s immpossible.You can’t do it.”


I started TOJO Family Activity and made up an original photo contest, and offered the prize money of about 1,000,000 yen.

As a result, I was able to see excellent works.

“ I’m going to carry out the awards ceremony party in tropical resort someday! “


“ And I’m going to offer a prize of 1 million yen in the Grand Prize! “


When I said such a thing, people made a fool of me again…..



To believe a dream, it will come true….

A dream cannot come true for the people who doesn’t believe in.

The more people opposed my plan, the more that was a big motivator for me.


And that, I tell my dream to people.

It is not yuugen-jikkou ( I do what I said.).


Because I said, I have to do it.


I always pushed myself, and pulled my motivation out.

My dearest Tsubaki ( my wife ) has passed away, but I am really satisfied now.


Next is the highest award of 10 million yen , and the awards ceremony in Dubai ?


At first, in Singapore and Hawaii?


Yes, yes. I’m kidding! ( for now )


I’ll be 60 years old next year.


I reach retiring age…. But,


I think my life starts from this.


Even if I get older, I will never become a feeble old man.



It is me, Hisayuki Tojo.



Why don’t you imitate the Tojo style?



Not to be pressed with business day after day,



but to enjoy your life every day.



It entertains people,


saves Japan,



saves nature,



and saves the earth.


“ What!”

“Don’t exaggerate!”






Such guys who said so don’t understand Hisayuki Tojo’s world, even if they die.



I just enjoy every day to aim at the world peace.



If, to enjoy myself to the full connects with world peace,



It will be really nice life.



This photo contest is winning until the 24th place.



The 24th place level is much higher than the previous victory level.


The level of TOJO Family still continues to rise.



Everyone, many other traders which imitate Aquarium TOJO,



Won’t you be TOJO Family?



I will teach you the really pleasant, genuine article.



Not to hesitate, but to carry out immediately, your future changes into 180 degrees.



As a result, it surely connects with world peace that everyone pleased.



We can heal many people every day than a doctor.



You! You think you are a loser.


“ Tenderness ”is a great weapon…,

Let’s heal the poor people who are glad being a winner ….

by a nice water tank.



Next week’s training is full of reservation, but…

You can be a member of Aquarium TOJO Family right now.


Let’s enjoy your life to the full.



Everyone, thank you for believing such me.

Tsubaki, we finally did it!

I love you.



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